Tucker High School

Robotics Program


We are Tucker High School.

Tucker High is a public high school in DeKalb County, Georgia. The school was first established in 1918 and has since grown to 1,800 enrolled students. The student body is very diverse with a large immigrant population. We have a variety of advanced programs such as IB and STEM. Our school maintains a balance of academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. We have both Vex and TSA after school clubs. We greatly value STEM subjects and always put in maximum effort when working on our projects.

The different STEM groups in our school have formed a community of their own. Many of us have been in the same classes together for years now and we have developed long-lasting friendships. We have grown attached to the programs we participate in due to the hours we have spent working together late into the night.




Our values make us strong...

But hard work carries us to victory.






Mandatory Days

As the name implies, attendance on mandatory work days is compulsory. These are the days that we hold club-wide meetings and make various announcements. After we have gathered and discussed, the day continues like any other with people breaking off into groups to work on their projects. Tuesday and Thursday are mandatory days.

Optional Days

Optional work days are less organized than mandatory days. There are no central meetings and everyone spends the time simply working. The purpose of optional work days is to provide extra opportunities to get time-consuming projects done. Typically fewer people come to optional days but some people come to all of them. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are optional days.

That means regular meetings...

And long hours.

But it's worth it in the end, because perseverance yields results.

In the last four years we have earned...





Of course, we wouldn't be here without our dedicated teachers...

The Tucker High Vex program is lead and mentored by William Hicks. Mr. Hicks is an Engineering teacher alongside Ms. Williams and Mr. High. Mr. Hicks has been involved in our Vex program for years now but he has only been in charge for two years now. He is a warm and humorous person who values work ethic. He motivates us to persevere even when unexpected situations arise.

And our diverse body of students.

Tucker High School is home to rich cultural diversity. Families from all around the globe come to our school and share their identities. Diversity opens us up to new perspectives and teaches different ways to approach problems. This sort of thinking is especially valuable in STEM fields which are often far too homogenous, unfortunately. By encouraging this diversity, we hope to raise a new generation of engineers with a unique outlook on the world.

Girls are also full of untapped potential in the STEM world. Traditionally, these fields are heavily male-dominated and can develop a toxic culture. We hope to help remedy this by encouraging girls to pursue STEM as a career path. By fostering a healthy environment at our school, we hope to see the world move in this direction. Already, we have many female members in our Vex, TSA and STEM programs.

Interested in joining?

Check out all of our STEM clubs.

Vex Robotics

Vex is an international robotics competition owned and hosted by Innovation First International, Inc. It is the largest robotics competition in the world with thousands of competing teams. Every year, a new game is developed by Vex and it is your job to design and build a robot to solve these unique problems in order to win. Vex is highly competitive and it is expected of you to put in a significant amount of time and effort. It is an incredible amount of fun and it is very satisfying to see all your hard work come to fruition. If you are willing to take on the heavy responsibility, Vex Robotics is a very rewarding experience.

We are always looking for new members and hosting fundraisers.

Running all these programs isn't cheap, and we often have to utilize fundraisers to acquire the cash necessary to buy parts and go to far away competitions. We do not have any private sponsors with deep pockets so we have to rely on the money that we can raise ourselves. In the past, we have set up a table at the local farmer's market to show off our robots and collect donations to help pay to go to Worlds. More recently, we have hosted a car wash at a nearby fast food restaurant in order to raise money. We used the money to help pay for TSA trips so as to lower the financial burden on the school and the students. We have had enough success thus far to continue what we are doing.

Equally as important as fundraising is recruitment. If you do not have money or students then you simply cannot have a Vex program. We spread awareness around our school with recruitment posters. On the posters we explain what our programs are and why people should join them. Word of mouth is also a very effective tool. Members of one STEM club will often join another due to the passive exposure from their peers. All this, along with our new website of course, provide us with an avenue to bring people into STEM and keep our programs alive.

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